Holi VR: Festival of Colours

Holi is the "Festival of Colours" or the "Festival of Spring". In India, people celebrate Holi by showering themselves and others in brilliant colours, thus building deep social connections.

Designed for multiplayer, players will be treated to a magical environment which can be covered by colour. Beat your high score by adding as much colour as possible!

  • Spray your pichkari! (a pump-activated water gun)

  • Hurl water balloons!

  • Colour with your hands!

Holi VR: Festival of Colours was created by a bunch of Unreal Engine 4 enthusiasts and Discord nomads from around the world who had never participated in a game jam before. Impressively, they built this entire game in just over a week for the 2020 Oculus Start Game Jam.


Featuring additional audio assets by Angus Killick.